Pride Parades and #BlackLivesMatter

These are not hate groups. These are not supremacists. These do not exist as a personal affront to you.

They are some of a handful of safe spaces carved out by marginalized and oppressed people where they can embody who they are, stand in solidarity, and be declarative without fear.

Their marches, protests, chants, and symbols are not yours to silence, distort, water down, or rebrand.

You, as an outsider, trying to enter these spaces is wrong. It’s like wearing oven mitts in a boxing ring or coming to a sewing circle with a chainsaw.

You do not belong. You are out of place. The conversation is not about you.

Don’t treat this like an insult. Contemporary society is structured in a way that reinforces how much you matter every damn day. Mainstream media is exceedingly heteronormative. Negative stereotypes about white people turn into jokes on the internet; negative stereotypes about black people get them senselessly murdered.

So fuck Straight Pride Parades. Fuck anyone using the hashtag #AllLivesMatter because they got their poor white feelings hurt.

If you cannot handle something not being about you for two goddamn seconds, then you’re part of the problem.